It’s okay to burn your bridges if you have to.
Photo by PC: Benjamin Rascoe-Unsplash

“Don’t burn your bridges.” What a quote.

Not all bridges must stay. No, not all.

Some come into our lives. But for a while.

When you cling on thereafter. You hurt your soul.

They hurt your soul. You hurt their soul.

Burn such bridges. I tell you, my friend.

Don’t fortify a bridge, that is done with you.

Don’t force doors open. That has done its work.

When they close a door. Leave it closed.

When a bridge gives way. Build another.

When God closes a door. He opens another.

About The Writer

Jumoke Eniola-Odepe writes mostly about African narratives and speaks healing to people of African descent. She is passionate about innovation in Africa and believes that innovative thinking is key to transformational change in the continent. You can find her online at